HOYO passed international standard about toy for 2 standards as EN71 part 3 and ASTM F963

European Union (E.U.) has been announced a rule of safety of any toys which is known by worldwide toy’s producers as EN-71 or Safety of Toy. EN-71 has EN 71 part 3 as a standard to control the highest limitation of leaking (Migration Limit) for Heavy Metal in any toys by concerning from kids’ behavior which included suck, lick, swallow, or touch. As in The United State which has a standard to examine ASTM F963 for the US imported kid’s product or toys; this standard has been adapted to utilize in many countries including Thailand (TIS 685-2540)

The reason that HOYO is examined by both standard is to ensure that our product is completely safe for both parents and baby.

If you are looking for a present for your kid, HOYO is one of the most appropriate gift for them to crawl.

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