Brand Story

The owner is very active person who planned to have a child; thus. She was looking for someone to help when she was busy. She tried to find something but there was nothing in the market that was satisfying, safe enough and appropriate for her baby.

Brand’s owner started researching and developing goods that safe and appropriate for infants. Her family business is  manufacturer of motorcycle seats with international standard, so we have know-how on this market. We also have connections to supply high quality international standard raw materials.

We know a lot about artificial leather (Low quality PVC and PU). Babies bite and lick things around them which is a concern that goods in the market, having PVC and PU as main material, are non-toxic and safe enough. Thus, product safety is the first factor we considered.

We look for the safest material in every dimension, both outside and inside, including all connecting material. Also, design and format which is planned to be adjustable, multi-functional, and foldable.  We made HOYO playpen to be a Top notch, worthiest product for all. HOYO brand then was established the same time as my daughter was born.

By Mom
For Mom


“The existing products are not satisfying and safe enough. They are not the most appropriate for my baby”

Congratulations to all new parents!

Being a parent is so wonderful; every valuable minute will be spent with your baby, keep an eye on his growth in every step. We all want to see him happy and safe.

As a parent, we know that nothing is more important than baby’s safety.

HOYO has been designed by mother. We want to send our care to every parent and make them feel relieved when using HOYO.  

ISO 9001


HOYO playpen is manufactured by international standard manufacturer (ISO 9001). All products are handmade with concentration on quality in every step. This makes us confident in the best product for your baby.