frequently asked questions?

If your place has a safe zone for your baby, playpen is not necessary. However, HOYO  playpen can be purposely a safe zone.  HOYO playpen gives a space where the whole family can spend time together, without concerning about baby’s safety.

HOYO chooses premium grade materials; PU leather is free from more than 30 chemicals according to international standards. The cushion has been designed, even passed “Egg drop test”; connecting materials are strong for support. HOYO Playpen is adjustable to be used from birth and older.

There are 4 walls around the playpen which allow baby to hold while standing and walking because our connecting material has been tested to assure that withstand more than 900N or 90 kg maximum weight. Also, HOYO’s walls have been designed to be flexible since they will be harder for baby to climb out.

HOYO playpen has not been designed for adult to comfortably lean back or sit on the side since there is no wood or metal material inside (but it will not tear down when sit back). HOYO is designed to meet expectation of lightweight, convenient, moveable, and foldable. If adults want to lean back on HOYO’s wall, we recommend to lean HOYO against the wall, cubboard or couch.

The height of partition is about 50 cm which has been designed to make it easy for baby to hold while standing without tiptoe; thus, this will not effect child ankle’s shape in a long term. HOYO is designed to be flexible which is quite hard for baby to climb out. However, when a child grows up, he can climb out whenever he wants regardless of height. Therefore, to make it safer, we recommend to remove one side of wall when a child grows enough and allow him to walk in/out instead of climbing.

It can be used from birth to older child; during infant, HOYO can be used as a bed without extra cushion required. The smallest one is about 1.14 x 1.14 M which cab be a personal bed for baby; it is expandable when baby start lying  in prone position, crawling, sitting, standing, walking, and so on. Until a baby cannot bear staying inside a playpen; HOYO is adjustable to be a big playmat.

Premium Grade leather imported from Korea, purposely produced for Tropical Country. Free from over 30 harmful chemicals. Cushion is specially designed and offered the best shock absorbing cushion; even passes Egg drop test. Connecting material is from YKK with more than 90 kgs supportable. Also, there is a supporter made from aluminum, covered by PU leather.  

There are 5 colors including  white, grey, cream, peach, and tan which are customizable.

Absolutely, it is not hot since Premium Grade leather especially produced for Tropical Country which is free from more than 30 types of Hazardous Substance is selected. It is smooth and cool when sleep on.

It can be found at Private Showroom on Rama 3 Road by appointment only.

2 standard sizes as:

  • S22:2.14M x 2.14M
  • S12:1.14M x 2.14M

HOYO can be unlimitedly expandable.

It can be ordered by informing size and color along with preferred delivery date; then, HOYO will conclude your order back. If it is confirmed, customers have to pay a deposit for 50% of selling price before production; remaining cost paid after delivery.

Normally, it takes about 10-15 working days.

Product will be shipped as a box, dimension and weight as;

S22:55x106x65 CM about 22 kgs/box (2 boxes)

S12:55x106x40 CM about 13.5 kgs/box (2 boxes)

Shipment in Bangkok and suburb will be delivered on every Saturday during 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM; appointed time cannot be done. Shipment will be delivered accordingly based on distance; however, you will be contacted by driver 1 hour before arrival. On other provinces, shipment will be delivered on every Saturday through Thai Post as Registered Mail; it takes 3-5 working days, normally. If it is urgent, customers can ask to ship as EMS which costs THB 1000 additionally.

Assembling process can be seen on Product Page.

It can be cleaned with water every day; also, by cleaning solution once a week.

HOYO has a testing result of cushion’s durability by standard testing of JIS K 6400 : 1997; the testing method is to hit a cushion by machine for 80,000 times which can reduces cushion’s durability by less than 1% and no damage found. It is more durable than other brands in the market.

1-year free warranty at the manufacturer if damage is occurred from maker; in addition, after a year any damage can be sent to repair at the manufacturer anytime, started at THB 200 / point.

The average age is about 1.3-year-old. To resolve the problem, HOYO can multi-functionally adjust by removing a side of wall; thus, a child can walk in/out instead of climbing. This is because a child at this age likes to naturally walk around and discover. However, any favorite toys can be brought inside a playpen which is able to lead him back inside; this way will be neat and safe at the same time.

Required space is  merely 0.5 x 1 M

Each part weights 2 kgs each and total weight for S22 is about 44 kgs and 27 kgs for S12.

HOYO’s thickness is about 7 cm; thus, feeling will be different from other brands in the market which can be slept directly on a playpen without extra cushion required. Also, a wall’s thickness is 7 cm which can be used as a mat instead when needed.