Baby’s skin allergy and irritation might be closer than you think!

How is leather allergy? Have you ever noticed your baby?

You might never hear the word “leather allergy” before, but it is so close to us; this allergy causes from a chemical named “Dimethyl Fumarate” (DMF).

DMF has already been banned in European countries because it might affect consumers’ health; this chemical is mixed up with most of PVC home furniture because it is a protector from fungus.

Some mothers might be unaware and choose some PVC materials that contain over standard of DMF; this can cause baby’s skin and eyes irritation. Since baby’s skin is thin and easier to get an irritation; also, it tends to have high allergy in someone. Therefore, we have to especially be careful of his safety.

Thus, HOYO has carefully chosen high quality PVC, imported from Korea with international standard assurance which proved that HOYO’s cushion has no found DMF.

Every parent can be confident that HOYO is quality and gentle kid’s product which care for baby’s skin. This allow baby to happily sleep, play, or crawl; also, parents do not have to concern when baby is with HOYO.     

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